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Miami Child Support

The well-being of children is protected by law. It is not enough for mere love to exist in a functional home. Children deserve good quality and quantities of necessities in life, such as food, shelter, education, supervision, and clothing. The main people responsible for the provision of these needs are the parents.

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Florida law requires both parents to provide these necessities to their children. But this doesn’t mean that both must be financial providers. A common arrangement between parents is that one can provide for the finances while the other can provide daily care, protection, and upbringing to the children.

In deciding which parent must provide a certain amount of financial support and how much, the court depends on several factors, which may include both parents’ income, existing arrangements in custody and time-sharing, and all other expenses related to the upbringing of the children, such as medical and educational resources.

Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law, LLC specializes in family law, and we are here to provide any legal service you need relating to Miami child support law. We can help you establish a working financial support arrangement with your children. We can also help in negotiating with the court regarding your financial duties and ability to provide those responsibilities with respect to your regular income. Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law, LLC is your Miami, FL child support firm.

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Child Support Calculation

The legally-protected responsibilities of parents in Miami child support cases are not confined to their financial duties. In many cases, one parent is expected to provide the funds needed for the other parent to take care of the child.

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The most common arrangement involves the parent who has the sole physical custody of the child to also be the receiver of the child support funds. This is because it is understood that said parent already contributes as the everyday caretaker of the child. Cases can become complicated, such as when the custodial parent has a larger regular income compared to the other parent. Whatever complications you have, Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law, LLC’s Miami child support lawyers are ready to analyze your situation and find the best legal solutions for you.

In Florida law, the following factors are considered in child support arrangements.

1. The number of children involved
2. Other important expenses, such as health insurance and educational fees
3. The physical time spent by each parent with the child
4. The regular income of each parent
5. Other sources of monetary resources, such as social security
6. Amount of spousal support, if any

Time-sharing is a valuable aspect of parenting since it allows parents to build their relationship with their children. But a more important part is being able to provide for the basic and holistic needs of the child that financial support can provide. Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law, LLC understands this vital part of children’s lives, and so we dedicate our time to making sure that both parents have the fair share of responsibilities and resources that they properly provide for the sake of their children’s optimum development.

Whether you need to establish a child support order or to properly settle your parental obligations to your children, Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law, LLC is willing to help and guarantee the best possible scenario for your Miami child support goals.

Child Support Enforcement

Miami child support enforcement can be important in some cases, such as when a parent does not cooperate or when an extension is needed.

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Child support obligations are typically assumed until the child reaches 18 years old. However, there are cases where the child will need continued financial support due to special needs, such as medical needs. If you need help in making sure your child receives the proper amount of child support, we can help you with that.

Another case where child support enforcement may be needed when a parent fails to send required funds on time. The legal consequences of such actions can range from wage garnishment and liens against personal and business properties to jail time.

As your Miami child support attorney, we can help you enforce the proper timing and amounts of child support from the other parent. These funds are vital in the proper upbringing of the child, so we dedicate our time and effort to make sure you get the proper resources that you deserve.

Child Support Modification

Child support modification becomes necessary when major life changes occur in the life of the child or of either of the parents. A review of the child support arrangements can be done by either of the parents.

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There are many factors that can come into play to merit a modification in the child support arrangement. For example, when the parent providing financial child support loses their job or gets a massive promotion or business progress, changes can be made regarding the amount of support provided. Other changes that can validate a child support modification include relocation of the supporting parent or medical issues. If the child goes through something big, like discovering special needs or disabilities, changes to child support can also be warranted.

Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law, LLC partners with the department of Florida Child Support Services to make sure that the Miami child support cases of our clients are given priority and quality service. From modifications to enforcement, we are here to provide the highest level of legal services. We ensure that all relevant information about attempts to modify child support arrangements, including income, demotions or promotions, or raises, will be thoroughly investigated and considered to guarantee fairness for all parties involved.

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Miami Child Support davis logoFinancial support is one of the most important parts of being a good parent. Money provides for a child’s basic needs, such as food, shelter, healthcare, and clothing. It also provides the next important aspects of a good life, such as proper social communities, good education, and pursuing personal life goals. Being able to provide for your child constantly will also strengthen your relationship with them, considering that they know that you are there for them when it comes to resources.

All your Miami child support legal needs can be taken care of by Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law, LLC’s top-notch family law attorneys. From enforcing child support obligations on an uncooperative parent to filing child support modification and proving the validity of such claims, we are here to assist you with first-rate legal services.

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