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When most couples marry, the prospect of divorce seems like something only other people deal with. However, as time goes on, some couples realize that their marriage is no longer working for them. They may have differences with their partner that they are unable to reconcile, or may simply be unhappy in the relationship. If counseling is unhelpful, or not an option, often divorce is considered.

Before deciding to get a divorce, it is important to seek legal guidance. We want to make sure that you understand all of the options available to you, and the risks associated with those options. There may be other issues as well that will need to be considered ahead of time, such as alimony, child custody, and asset distribution.

There is no need to go through this process alone. We will be there to support you and help you with decision making every step of the way, as well as put a plan in place so you will be prepared to handle any related issues that may arise as a result of the dissolution of marriage.

Contact us today for a no-obligation consultation to see what we can do to assist you.