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Domestic Violence

In Domestic Violence cases, there are 2 parties involved, and both of them will need legal help. We offer assistance to both those who are seeking injunctions as well as those defending against them. An injunction, commonly referred to as a restraining order, seeks to prevent specific individuals from having contact with other specific individuals when there is evidence that Domestic Violence has occurred or is likely to occur.

If you have been a victim of Domestic Violence or feel that you are in imminent danger of becoming a victim of Domestic Violence, then you will want to file an injunction. By discussing your case with an experienced Family Law Attorney, you can not only find out if the facts and events that have taken place are likely grounds for an injunction, but you can also begin to take steps to more permanently remove yourself and your family from the situation. We will help you develop a long term plan so that you are back in control of your future.

If an injunction has been brought against you, then it is imperative that you immediately seek counsel. Since there is a perceived threat, these cases move very quickly in order to best protect those who need it. Even if you just suspect that an injunction may be filed against you, the more quickly you react and obtain legal assistance, the better prepared you can be to handle this situation. We help you to understand what your rights are, as well as the rights of your family and children.