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When people face family law issues, it will always have an extra tinge of difficulty because it involves important personal relationships. Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law, LLC has experienced family law attorneys who understand that issues like divorce, asset division, alimony, child support, child custody, adoption, and domestic violence are very sensitive and important and should thus be treated with great care and quality of work.

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Family law issues are more than just another set of legal matters to resolve. Properly addressed family issues are one of the most important factors to a happier and more fulfilling life. If your relationship problems can be solved through legal means, such as custody agreements, adoption, a criminal domestic abuse conviction, or a divorce, then you deserve top-notch legal services from a competent Kendall family lawyer.

Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law, LLC is a top legal firm that specializes in family law. We are both compassionate to our clients and aggressive in our legal work. We are dedicated to helping you understand your situation and providing the best legal solutions and all the services you need to protect your rights and fight for your interests. No matter what type of family law issue you have, Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law, LLC can provide a top Kendall family lawyer for you.

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Experienced Family Attorneys

Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law, LLC’s highly competent and dedicated Kendall family lawyers are here to provide you with all the legal services you need. We aim to leave you fully satisfied with the best possible resolution for your legal situation.

Kendall Family Lawyer divorce attorney segment 300x199 1Divorce Attorney: From alimony and asset division to child support and custody arrangements, your Kendall family lawyer from Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law, LLC can handle all types of divorce-related legal matters. We believe that divorce is a very big life decision and should be supported by highly capable lawyers. We make sure that we don’t just assist you in all the present legal processes but also in preparing you for your life after all decisions are finalized in the divorce.

Property & Asset Division: In a divorce, some properties and assets are important to each party. As your divorce lawyers, we are here to help you arrive at the best possible asset division agreement that serves your interests. We can use certain properties as leverage to pull the situation into your favor.

Kendall Family Lawyer child custody segment 300x199 1Child Custody Lawyer: Child custody cases tend to be sensitive and challenging, considering they involve minors. As your lawyers, we are ready to handle all legal situations involving child custody—including modifications, enforcement, and negotiating time-sharing and parental responsibility arrangements—and gear them towards your favor. We know that the main priority is the proper care and development of your child, so we will make sure to use the best of our resources to help you ensure they are well protected.

Kendall Family Lawyer child support attorney segment 300x199 1Child Support Attorney: In child support cases, it’s important that both parents provide equal amounts of support to their children. In most cases, one provides financial support, while the other provides most of the day-to-day development and upbringing duties. We are here to offer legal services for establishing the best situation for the children, whether it’s to set up, enforce, or modify your child’s financial or custody support.

Spousal Support: If your financial and marital situation calls for an alimony arrangement, we can also help you out. We can put your case in the best light in front of the court so you can get the spousal support you deserve according to financial considerations. We can also help argue your case if you are forced to pay for spousal support without any proper basis.

Kendall Family Lawyer fathers rights segment 300x199 1Father’s Rights Lawyer: In Florida, there are often great legal limitations for unmarried fathers to have a working relationship with their children. The mother will be the automatic possessor of all rights to child care and custody if she is not married to the father. As your lawyers, we are ready to help you establish paternity and fix any needed responsibility arrangements between you and your child.

Kendall Family Lawyer domestic violence segment 300x199 1Domestic Violence: As one of the worst legal problems families face, handling domestic abuse cases needs nothing short of top-notch, effective, and compassionate legal services. Your Kendall family lawyer from Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law, LLC can provide just that. We can help protect your family by protecting them from abusive family members. From getting protective orders to handling divorce and helping in the criminal conviction of the abuser, we are here to provide everything you need in your domestic violence case.

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Kendall Family Lawyer davis logoFor expert legal services and expert advice on family law, Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law, LLC is your best option. We can provide the Kendall, FL family lawyer that you need. We can provide compassionate partnership, smart legal tactics, and aggressive negotiation services for your divorce, domestic violence, or child custody cases.

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