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What Are The Marriage Age Requirement Laws In Florida?

The state of Florida has laws in place to govern the minimum age requirements in Florida. If you are planning to get married, just make sure you are not too young to get married according to Florida laws. The most important point to consider in a marriage in Florida, like in most other states, is that fact that both parents need to consent to the marriage.

Every state has its own marriage laws and age requirements. The state of Florida, and many other states, allows individuals to marry even if they are below the necessary age requirements as long as their parents consent. The marriage age requirements in Florida are defined under Code Section 741.0405

If the individuals have parental consent, both the man and woman need to be 16 years old. However, if the individuals do not have parental consent, then the man and woman need to be at least 18 years old each.

There are exceptions to these rules. If the minor was previously marries or if their parents are deceased, then in these cases, parental consent is not required. If the individuals are under 18 years of age, a county judge has the authority to give or refuse a marriage license if the couple has a child, or is expecting one. In this case, the individuals will have to present sworn affidavits stating that they are the parents of the child.

Apart from being old enough, Florida law also has a few other marriage requirements. For example, in order to get a valid marriage license in Florida, a picture ID or a social security card of the individuals will be required. If the social security card is not available, then any other picture ID like passport or 1-94 card can be presented. In any of the individuals were married previously, they will have to provide a copy of their divorce decree, mentioning the date of divorce. This is necessary of the divorce occurred in the past 30 days.

Individuals don’t need to be a Florida resident in order to get married in the state. However, they will be required to complete a 4-hour marriage preparation course given by a court-approved provider. If the individual fails to take the course, then there is a 3-day waiting period after submitting their application before they can get their marriage license. In most cases, a filing fee for a marriage license applies, which amounts to $93.50. Couples who complete the marriage preparation course successfully may be entitled to a discount.

If the Florida state laws regarding marriage seem confusing and overwhelming to you, it is better to get in touch with a qualified and experienced family law attorney in Florida. The attorney will take much of the burden off you, especially with all the other planning you need to do for the wedding. Many lawyers offer a Free Initial Consultation, so you must seek legal assistance.