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What Are The Primary Child Custody Factors In Florida?

Child custody is often a very difficult and emotional issue in divorce cases as it decides who the child will be living with after the divorce is finalized. Child custody issues decide who will be taking care of the child and who the child will live with. Many times, the divorcing parents come to a mutual understanding about who will take care of the child after the divorce. However, parents may not agree on all aspects of child custody in every case, and they need to go to court then.

Child Custody Rulings in Florida

When the child custody case is taken up in court, the court will also consider whatever is in the best interests of the child. Children are greatly affected in divorce cases, therefore courts ensure that the toll on the child is reduced. Courts take child custody rulings very seriously and they take numerous factors and circumstances into consideration when making a decision.

Some of the common factors that the courts will consider when determining and awarding child custody include the child’s relationship with each parent, the child’s school and history at home, as well as the mental, physical and moral status of each parent. Courts will also consider the continuity of the child’s situation, permanence of the proposed home, as well as each parents ability to provide for the child. Any cases of domestic violence or abuse will also be taken into consideration along with the love, affection and existing ties the child has with each parent.

Courts will also take into account whether the custodial parent will cooperate and encourage the child to have contact with the other parent, and whether or not the parent will be reasonable in accommodating any changes that the child may need at the house. Another factors taken into consideration is whether or not each parent will honor the time-sharing schedule.

If a parent is more involved with the child, or if the child has friends, and teachers at school whom he or she likes to have in their life, the court will also consider that. Are there are certain extracurricular activities near the home which the child has enrolled in, and how well the parent will be able to meet the child’s development needs are also important factors to consider.

In many cases, the parental responsibilities may be divided after a divorce and the custodial parent may have to hire a nanny to take care of the child or children if they are working. Both parents need to be ready to give all the required information truthfully to the court when requested. The court may ask one parent to give information on the other parent. This will help the court reach a fair custody ruling which is in the best interests of the child.

If you are going through a divorce in Florida and have children, then you need to prepare for child custody ahead of time. Contact an experienced family law attorney who understand the child custody laws in Florida.