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Palmetto Bay Father’s Rights

One of the best life experiences involves a good relationship between a parent and their children. If you are a father who is unmarried or does not live in the same residence as the mother of your child, you may encounter legal impediments to the healthy relationship you want to have with your kid.

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Florida law states that if an unmarried couple bears a child, the mother has the complete set of rights and responsibilities over the child. Only until the father chooses or is forced to take responsibility through court action can he have any form of legal privilege with his child.

Both the father and the mother can file for the paternity of the children. Typically, men seeking paternity aim to obtain the legal recognition of being the biological father of their child as well as to provide financial support. On the other hand, mothers typically aim to obtain adequate funding for the raising of the child as well as guarantee a father figure for her child.

Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law, LLC provides stellar legal services for fathers who want to legally establish their parental rights over their children. We are here to help you understand the Palmetto Bay father’s rights system and recommend the best steps you should take to achieve your goals successfully. All the necessary details, such as support obligations, retroactive payments, and time-sharing, will be properly addressed. Our main goal is to get you the best relationship you can have with your child through legal means.

For a top Palmetto Bay father’s rights attorney, Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law, LLC is the firm you should call.

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Establishing Father’s Rights

Fl0rida law states that a father who is not married to the mother of his child has no legal rights to the child except if paternity rights have been established.

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There are several processes that must take place before a father can achieve the full legal relationship between him and his child. To obtain custody-sharing and access rights, the man must prove that he has the responsibility and capacity to be a parent.

However, paternity, or the legal state of being a father of a child, must first be instituted before any legal action about child custody or support takes place. Typically, paternity is not grounds for dispute, especially if both the mother and father know and agree that the man is the father. In cases in which the identity of the biological father is uncertain, a paternity test can be done.

Paternity does not guarantee all the automatic rights of a married parent. You must be able to prove that you are able and willing to provide for child support in amounts that would be adequate to maintain the excellent quality of your child’s life.

Once you’re done with this step, you can enjoy a legally-recognized relationship with your child. You can now also discuss time-sharing and custody arrangements in court.

The Importance of Legally Protecting Your Relationship

The law does not forbid an unmarried couple from coming up with some sort of informal agreement regarding the relationship of the father and the child. This is a common arrangement for many unmarried or dating couples.

The only drawback of such an arrangement is that the mother can technically sever all modes of communication and relationship between the child and the father for absolutely no reason and do it without any legal impediments, penalties, or contradictions. This is according to Florida law, where an unmarried father has no rights in regard to the child.

Therefore, establishing legal validity for the relationship is vital in Florida. Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law, LLC has some of the best lawyers that can handle any aspect of securing your Palmetto Bay father’s rights. Regardless of your relationship with the mother, we will help you fight for the good relationship that you deserve to have with your child.

Divorced Father’s Rights

Fathers divorced from their wives may also go through the same legal struggles in having a working relationship with their child or children. The main difference between divorced fathers and unmarried fathers is that the former does not need to prove paternity.

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Having a present father is beneficial for a child’s emotional, mental, psychological, and mental wellness. When families go through a divorce, children are often very vulnerable and insecure with the idea that they won’t have a father to be with them throughout their youth.

We understand the importance of the relationship between a father and his children. This is why at Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law, LLC, we are ready to provide all your legal needs to protect your Palmetto Bay father’s rights, from proper asset distribution to creating custody and time-sharing agreements that will work best for the betterment of your children’s lives.

Contesting Established Paternity

There are some cases that demand the need to establish paternity. An example is when a man and a woman have different understandings of the identity of a child’s father. Even men who have spent years with a child they have treated as their own child can be subject to doubts on paternity. Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law, LLC can help you achieve the desired legal solutions you need in such Palmetto Bay father’s rights cases.

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An unmarried father who rejects being named as the father of a woman’s child can have his claim easily resolved through a court-ordered paternity test. Such tests yield almost a hundred percent accuracy.

On the other hand, a more complicated legal process awaits a man who has been parenting a child but now has reasons to doubt his paternity. Sadly, in such cases, the child struggles the most if paternity tests reveal no genetic relationship between the man and the child. In such cases, we can fight for a working legal relationship between the man and the child since courts are almost always hesitant to leave the child fatherless in such unfortunate circumstances.

Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law, LLC is highly experienced in helping people handle their Palmetto Bay father’s rights cases. No matter how complex or difficult your situation is, whether you’ve discovered that your child may be someone else’s biologically or if you need to establish a good relationship with your child, our attorneys are here to represent you and provide the best legal options for you.

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